The eager expectation. The sheer interest. The anxious predictions. The exciting wait. For golf enthusiasts, the waiting period for a brand new driver to be revealed builds an atmosphere that is very much like the one just before the unveiling of the next launch from Apple. Every merchandise specification is kept in secrecy, with the producers revealing nuggets of information sufficient to feed the growing promotion. Golf magazines and golfers’ online message boards would be abuzz with scoops and updates on the launch. Brief and charming teasers, such as movie commercials, would strengthen the already hyped up setting. There would also be usually a preview screening, where limited edition models would be handed out to players for assessment and reviews.

Drivers can easily become outdated as golf equipment makers are constantly offering new concepts that can easily out-perform designs that are only a couple of months old. Therefore, every launch of a new driver is considered a major event, especially if it originates from a well known brand. For the recent period, no other golf announcement has been much spoken of than the release of the Titleist 913 Driver series.

The prototypes of this new category of drivers were evaluated in the 94th PGA Championship, handled by no less than brand ambassadors and pro golfers Geoff Ogilvy, Bill Haas, Marc Leishman, Jimmy Walker and Nick Watney. For this test-drive, American champion Walker remarked how even with off-centre hits, the ball maintained the speed and distance like it was hit on-centre.

One of the greatest advantages of using Titleist drivers is that golf players can personalise the loft and lie angle of the driver using a highly precise and high-tech system. The Titleist fitting methods and tools factor in important elements such as the golfer’s ball speed and launch trajectory to create a personalised, tailored fit.

Having this additional step of customisation can have a significant benefit on players’ performance by helping them have better control on the ball distance, execute more precise hits, and show more steadiness in driving the ball much longer. The Titleist 913 Driver series can also be fitted with various weights, providing golf players to have more control and have a more utmost feel of the club.

Not only does the driver play well, it looks superb, too: the pear-shaped item is made of titanium with a glossy black crown, a pair of red and silver racing marks, and symmetrical alignment marks. The face and geometry of the club is meant to create more versatility, strengthen ball speed and help the golf player control the ball trajectory more.

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