Golf is a wonderful activity that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors. An avid player even waxed poetic to describe the game as “a passion, an obsession, a romance, a nice acquaintanceship with trees, sand and water." See that the speaker didn’t mention the sun in the equation, even though the perfect golf weather condition is often termed a summer day, with a light breeze as a cool counterpoint to the warm sun. This may be because for serious golfers, the game should continue-come rain or shine. In fact, some players even make an effort to experience playing under the rain as a sort of challenge to help them sharpen their sport. Pro golfers are also seen to play in all sorts of weather; a little sideways rain won’t be an excuse to cancel a much-awaited championship tournament.

The convenience of playing golf in the rain is that you can definitely change your clothing to match with the weather. While some kinds of sports comply with a strict uniform or dress code, golf outfit is more flexible to the changing outdoor weather. For example, you can wear a light polo shirt and a matching pair of shorts or Capri pants in a warm day. When it’s cold and rainy, your clothing can consist of a rainproof jacket and pants, as well as waterproof golf shoes. Extras such as umbrellas, hats and rain gloves are additionally indispensible.

Some of the leading golf brands have a specific collection for rainy day golf games, such as the FootJoy Waterproofs. This kind of clothing is made to be lightweight, waterproof and comfortable to use. The lines and make of each clothing is also created to be tailored-fit to enhance the woman figure. Additionally, even if the products are engineered with 100% protective waterproof shell, the material stays adaptable and breathable, a top factor whether the outfit is for rainy or sunny days. This means that the Waterproofs line gives covered protection while enabling you to move easily; the outfit permits you to swing your arms or stretch your legs when swinging your next hit.

A top selling FootJoy Waterproofs golf rain product is the Women’s Waterproofs Rain Jacket, with a tapered storm collar to keep water off your neck and back. They even included an exterior scorecard pocket to help keep your scorecards dry. There’s also the FootJoy Rain Trousers, which boasts a straight leg style, tailored waist band, water-resistant zippers and storm flaps. Meanwhile, the DryJoys Performance Light Rain Shirt is not only waterproof but windproof too, and has tailored sleeves that are stylish yet non-restrictive to arm movements.

When playing in the rain, remember to have your face and hands dry so you’ll maintain a clear focus on your next shot and a firm grip on your golf clubs. This is where rain gloves and hats become useful; they’re now available in various style and colours, enabling you to carry on and go golfing in fashion under the rain.

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