The mountains are one of the places in this world that you can't predict the weather. At one point it will be sunny. Before you know it, there's already a dark cloud warning you of impending heavy rain. Indeed, it is very unpredictable. When coming to this region, it is worth taking note to prepare for whatever kind of weather this place brings. The more reason you have to be prepared if you are wishing to climb or ski. For those people who are planning to venture on skiing Mt. Buller, make sure you have considered the things you will be bringing. It is always important to keep in mind to put safety first before other issues.

Because the weather can be very cold up in the mountains, it is imperative that you bring clothes that can give you warmth. Compared to bulky clothes, layering clothes is more suggested in these kinds of adventures. This is according to experts who have are in this activity for quite a long time now. To make sure you are carefully guided, here is what you need to have when skiing in Mt. Buller.

Fleece Jacket. This is also another garment for protection which can be worn under your jacket used for skiing.

Gloves and socks. To make sure you have the kind of gloves that can give you utmost warmth, choose the ones that are made of Goretex or leather. For socks, choose a pair that is seamless to avoid irritation.

Goggles. Because of strong winds and the ultraviolet rays, it is important you bring goggles to get your eyes protected.

Hat. This is not just an accessory. Hats offers the needed warmth which the body loses through the head.

Helmet. This is one protective gear that offers protection against injuries. When skiing, you may fall and bump your head. It is important you carry head protection. Other than serving as a protective gear, it can also add warmth to your body so be sure to choose a helmet that fits snugly on your head.

Ski jacket. This is another important garment to give you warmth on your skiing venture.

Ski pants. To make sure you have the ski pants that can give you the warmth and protection these pants should in the first place be giving, choose the ones that have cuffs wide enough to accommodate the skis.

Thermal Bodysuits. To help draw moisture away from your clothing, get these on your to-bring list.

These items may be taxing and expensive to manage within a short period of time. You can save the hassle by just hiring clothes and boots at Ski Chute 4.

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