Weekend has arrived. The sun is out and you’re curious why in heavens you’re hanging around at your home. So you swiftly go out with your suit and drive off to the beach. You change into your two-piece and you simply take in the lay of the land, surveying for that perfect spot to occupy. Having found it, you start to run towards that spot and unexpectedly a frighteningly strange feeling overcomes you. You start having a realisation: Wardrobe malfunction is real and it is really happening on your own backside each time you make a move. 

There's nothing more unpleasant for almost any lady on the beach than an ill-fitting swimsuit, be it a string bikini or even a one-piece suit. A major incident such as a bikini top unexpectedly unraveling or a one-piece that has a back that isn’t rendering proper coverage can certainly break your fun in the sun. How could you relax with a book plus a cold stubbie on the beach if you consider your bikini is going to begin, well, “malfunctioning?”